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Metaphysical Properties of Healing Stones
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The content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for medical care; nor is it guaranteed to produce specified results.
The stones listed on this page are found in my various websites.  Please ask if you're looking for jewelry with one of these stones.  Additional stones and further information can be found throughout the web.
Pictures of some of these stones are at the bottom of this page.


Strengthens heart and muscle tissue. Anti-carcinogenic. Abalone represents the sub-conscious mind and divine creativity.  All chakras.

Agate, multi-color

Harmonizes various energies. All chakras.


Heals thymus gland. Activates confidence, leadership, communication, and self-expression. Enhances past-life sight. 5th chakra.


Corrects imbalances in the nervous system and draws out disease and negative energy, which makes it ideal for detoxification. Reduces confusion and anxiety. 2nd chakra


Calms and stabilizes the mind. Aids in exploring higher spiritual energy and alternative consciousness. Provides a psychic link to unveiling the past and seeing into the future.  6th chakra. February birthstone.


Energizes and purifies the immune system. Enables the expression of uniqueness and life energies. Protects against liver disease. 5th chakra. March birthstone.


Empowers a person to reach for life experiences and knowledge. 3rd chakra.

Aventurine, green

One of the best balancing stones for the heart. Draws from the healing power of the green earth. Also associated with prosperity.  4th chakra.

Aventurine, orange

Similar to green aventurine, but also furthers instinct and creativity.

Blue Lace Agate

Relieves tension headaches. Calming and cooling. Encourages the flow of energy and communication. 5th-6th chakras.


Used for skin rejuvenation and hair growth. All chakras.


Aligns and corrects imbalances in on bones, blood, and cells. All chakras.


Cleanses stress and trauma that impact physical functioning. Improves the sense of touch. Protects, grounds, and enlivens creativity. Useful to control asthma. 2nd chakra.


Gently energizes and soothes. Cleanses the environment when placed in a dish of water in a sickroom. Guides our communication.  4th chakra.


Facilitates spiritual growth and self-esteem.  Transforms and releases negative emotions.  Used to enhance clairvoyance.   6th chakra.


Reduces stress, anger, and fear, and encourages relaxation, peace, and balance. Serves as a conduit for psychic information. Stimulates the immune system. Also known as Eilat stone. 5th chakra.


Helps resolve personal problems and elevate the user to altruistic thoughts and actions. 4th-5th chakras.


Conditions reflexes and promotes long life. 1st chakra.


Increases self-confidence, optimism, and awareness. Encourages the flow of creativity. Improves blood circulation and digestion. 2nd-3rd chakras. November birthstone.


A great conductor of energy, it alleviates rheumatoid arthritis and all inflammation. Placed on infected wounds to draw out toxins. Balances physical and astral bodies. All chakras.


Balances emotions and maintains energy levels. Aids in healing asthma, fever, and colds. Coral keeps us in touch with the physicality of Mother Earth.  1st and 7th chakras. 25th anniversary gift.


Aids mental discipline and organizational abilities. Helps with stamina and courage. 5th chakra.


Integrates spiritual energies to all areas of the body. Improves physical coordination and mental orderliness. 6th chakra.


Amplifies and energizes the properties of other stones. Acts as a lens to energize the body’s repair mechanisms. Stimulates blood flow, and inspires creativity and love. 1st chakra. January birthstone. 2nd anniversary gift.


Enables energy flow and harmonizes many areas of the body. Strengthens the immune system and relieves stress in the nervous system. Balances, stabilizes, and heals. 2nd-4th chakras.


A grounding stone that brings awareness back to the body. 6th-7th chakras.


Opens the head region and brings a true reading to the heart.  6th chakra.


Connects earth energies to our physical instincts. A conduit for past life wisdom, and channeling spiritual knowledge into the physical plane. 4th-6th chakras. 25th anniversary gift.


Solidifies and grounds, encouraging practical solutions. Enhances the sense of smell and tissue regeneration. Energizes and protects.  Various chakras, depending on color.


Protects the heart chakra and sheds negative emotions and energy caught from other people. Connects to the highest forces of love and life. 4th chakra.


Creates tranquility and stillness to facilitate meditation. Raises energy vibrations to expand visionary sweep. 6th chakra.


Protects the auric field and prevents energy from being drained by other people. Enhances the ability to gauge distance, a useful tool for the blind. 6th chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

Aids in communication and self-expression, especially vocal. Enhances psychic ability and retrieves memories, both good and bad, so should be used carefully by individuals with unresolved issues. 6th chakra.


Gently relaxes the environment and removes negativity. 3rd chakra.


Absorbs both physical and emotional illness, moving the energy from higher planes into the earth. Promotes richness and abundance in money and health.  Encourages plant growth. 4th chakra.


Balances grounding within our soul.  Various chakras, depending on color.


Shields the wearer from difficult situations. Heals wounds and bestows strength. Connects us to loved ones who have passed away. 3rd chakra.


Nurtures the heart and provides protection when linking to a higher consciousness. Balances the body’s fluid systems and emotions. Alleviates stress and digestion problems. Especially helpful for menstrual cramps and PMS. 4th chakra. June birthstone.

Moss Agate

Relieves breathing difficulties due to emotional tension, and improves circulation in blood and lymphatic systems. Fosters optimism and our connection to nature. 4th chakra.

Mother of Pearl (oyster)

Enhances intuition and creativity. 6th chakra.


Raises the vibratory pattern to contact one’s higher self, and one’s spirit guides. 6th and 7th chakras.

Nephrite Jade

Helps align astral, aesthetic, emotional planes. 4th - 6th chakras.

Obsidian, black

Opens psychic doors without letting in negative elements. Draws out imbalances and releases them. Good for breaking bad habits. 1st chakra.

Obsidian, mahogany

Draws imbalances to the surface and releases them. Inhibits negative energy from the environment. 1st chakra.

Obsidian, Snowflake

Helps keep balance during times of change. Used during astral travel and all forms of transformation. Helps the ego yield to the soul.  1st chakra.


Brings forth visions in meditation and dreams.  Enhances memory and helps dispel grief.  Reduces fever. 1st and 5th chakras.


Promotes emotional balance and releases tension. Stabilizes mood swings. Magnifies the individual’s existing qualities. Effects the quality of dreams and visions. 4th chakra. October birthstone.


Balances emotions and soothes. Increases creativity and inner purity.  6th Chakra. June birthstone. 12th anniversary gift (modern) and 30th anniversary gift (traditional.)


Balances the spirit energies while strengthening the physical body. 4th chakra. August birthstone.


Helps in experiencing vision and precognition, peacefulness and creativity. Enhances natural teaching abilities.


A sacred stone of Native Americans, pipestone is used to create ceremonial pipes and other objects for sacred ceremonies. Connects to the earth spirit and ancestors.


Eliminates toxins in the digestive system and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Quartz, clear crystal

Amplifies and harmonizes all energy fields. Stabilizes and connects the divine forces on the earthly plane. Brings mental calmness. A powerful healing tool. 7th chakra.


Sandstone that has been metamorphosed into a solid quartz rock due to pressure and heating.  Quartzite is a rock and quartz is a mineral, although the metaphysical properties are similar.  Quartzite balances and stabilizes positive change.


Reduces anxiety and feelings of worthlessness, especially in areas related to sexuality. Balances intellect and intuition.  Calms in unfamiliar surroundings. Cleanses the aura. 4th and 2nd chakras.


Brings emotional balance. Promotes self-confidence and empathy. Helps us actualize our ambitions without harming others. 4th chakra.


Balances male and female energies. Synchronizes emotional need for expression to communication skills. 3rd and 4th chakras.

Rose Quartz

Promotes love and harmony and reduces aggression. Unblocks emotional stress which has caused tension and illness. Especially good for children who have suffered abuse. 4th chakra.


Balances and energizes the heart, both emotionally and in physical functions. Enhances confidence and our relationships with others. Improves blood circulation. Promotes passion.  1st chakra. July birthstone. 40th anniversary gift.

Rutilated Quartz

Removes energy blocks. Strengthens and repairs damaged tissues in people and plants. 1st and 7th chakras.


Withdraws toxins from heart and lungs, and increases absorption of oxygen and nutrients. 4th chakra.


Cleanses the entire physical and mental body. Activates 8th - 12th chakras.

Smoky Quartz

Similar properties to clear quartz, but absorbs and stores energy rather than radiating it. Good for calming and meditation. 1st chakra.


Calms the lymphatic and nervous systems. Promotes a feeling of peacefulness.  Not recommended for individuals prone to depression. 6th chakra.


Coordinates left and right brain functions, ideal for people who are alienated by changes in technology and society. Connects spiritual and physical bodies. 6th - 7th chakras.


Promotes personal harmony. 3rd - 4th chakras.


The "eye" in tigereye (tiger's eye) is called chatoyancy. It's used to focus the mind and release intuition.  Relieves high blood pressure and is good for self-protection. 5th chakra.

Tourmaline, black

Protects against both internal and external negative forces.  Balances.  1st chakra. October birthstone.

Tourmaline, green (Verdelite)

Aligns our awareness to planetary energies. 4th chakra. October birthstone.

Tourmaline, watermelon (Rubellite)

Balances emotions. Calms aggression and anxiety, and energizes passivity. October birthstone. 4th chakra.


In Native American, Chinese and Tibetan cultures, turquoise is a sacred stone used for protection. It strengthens the thymus gland and the body's immunity. Turquoise increases the levels of life-energy available to our body, and gives its wearer emotional vibrancy. Combines the color or earth and sky to lead us on our life-path.  5th chakra. December birthstone.


Strengthens, motivates and increases confidence. Moves the heart chakra towards new growth after other stones have healed it. 4th chakra.


Energizes the heart chakra and stabilizes the base chakra. Increases a person’s energy level. Promotes healthiness in reproductive organs. 1st chakra.

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